At the dawn of the New Year, many parents resolved to make 2019 the year they kick their college savings into gear. Some parents hesitate to save, however, assuming their savings will cost them financial aid. Is this a correct assumption to make? Former St. Olaf College financial aid officer, Kathy Ruby, tells us in the latest installment of our video series, Ask the College Finance Expert, when she answers the question, “Will Saving for College Cost Me Financial Aid? After hearing Kathy’s response, if you haven’t resolved to save for college yet, you may be inspired to do so now. Mid-January is not too late for a resolution, and, as Kathy says, it’s never too late to save.

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Written by Kathy Ruby
Kathy Ruby is a member of College Coach’s team of college finance experts. Before joining College Coach, Kathy was as a Senior Financial Aid Officer at St. Olaf College and Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.